Three Terrace Penthouse

Three Terrace Penthouse

Three Terrace Penthouse

Location: Midtown 2, Miami FL
Status: Project Completed
Service Package: Full Design Service
Interior area: 1,745 Sq. Ft.
Balcony area: 460 Sq. Ft.

In this wonderful unit, was very little what we did in terms of construction, we were totally dedicated to the selection of decor and furniture.

Three Terrace, is a two-story penthouse with an original layout, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 types of terraces, strategically located in different points of the unit.
The selection of the interior and exterior furniture was very urban and quite eclectic, something that we do not normally work with, but in this case we mixed with a warm and youthful style.

The harmony of energies is present in two specific areas of the house, in the Master Bedroom the feminine energy circulates, with a predominance of neutral colors and soft pinks.

To create this space more intimate we dressed the 3 large window walls with curtains, in order to increase the privacy of the room.

In the living room we wanted to be a more masculine energy, of straight lines, intense colors, wide separations between its furniture, with the intention of having a light atmosphere and that energy flows openly between them.

The ceilings were intentionally kept with the original concrete, as part of the modern style of the unit. And finally an attractive dining room lamp was added to attract the attention as a focal point of the room.
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