Align your Home with Abundance

Having an inviting entry way can increase your financial flow!

Your home is your sacred space that belongs to you and your family, a space that should provide you relaxation where you can regain balance as well as new energy for you to start your day.


  • Entrance of the Home:

The front door is the face of the home, it welcomes people and good energy in. Having an inviting entry way can increase your financial flow. Making it attractive draws in the energy you need to accomplish anything you want in life.

No clutter whatsoever should be in the entryway, for example don’t leave many shoes, no hanging bags or extra stuff laying around.

If this area is spacious even better. Don’t keep anything behind the front door, stopping it from opening all the way. Clean up and remove any clutter and things that you have too many of, if you live around clutter you don’t have space for new things to show up in your life, too many things don’t allow the energy to flow. This will create postpone decisions and feeling stuck to move forward!

Things blocking the entrance = blocks opportunities! Make space for what’s really Important.


Our Home is a mirror of our life. Did you know most of the times the area of your home that collects the most clutter is the area of your life that you are facing challenges.


Clutter: Ask yourself: do I use it? Do I Love it? Does it lift my energy up?

Does it connect with who I want to be?

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